Black Plate: 1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider


This US spec. 2600 Spider Touring shows a very nice paint tone (for once not the usual Alfa red) and a CA black plate. It also has the period correct Michelin X radials while the engine is fitted with a Weber threesome carburetors assembly, instead of the original Solexes (which come with the car along with the original air filter assembly)


With the exception of the turn signals lights the overall stance is very good. We could see the lack of the lower side trims as well.


Interiors seem in very good shape: although we are quite sure that that is not the correct stitching pattern, the contrast with the blue body is a knockout.


Undercarriage seems to be in honest shape, which is more than enough for a car that has to be driven, not only shown on lawn. During the last five years finding a “good” 2600 spider has become harder and harder; it’s now very easy to find a concours car or a restorable one, and we all know how much does a proper restoration cost. This car is not a steal but we think it’s fairly priced at $ 53,900 here at Driver Source in Huston, TX.

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