Envy green: 1969 Abarth 1300 Scorpione


This rare Abarth Scorpione is based on Fiat 850 chassis, but it’s powered by a punchy 1300 cc which is rated at 75 hp at 6000 r.p.m. It’s not few for a car that weights around 1500 pounds. The green paint togheter with the odd body lines make this car a real head turner. The seller says also that this car had only one owner: nice!


The correct Solex C32 PHH is in its place and the whole impression is of a very nice Scorpione specimen. A similar car was a gift of Karl Abarth to his wife Anneliese: it should be a guarantee of quality.


Interiors don’t retract the overall status which is very nice. It’s not easy to spot a Scorpione for sale, and it’s even harder to find a very correct one or, at least, a car not abused. We love the center console, together with the late ’60s style of the seats.


The plastic body (not the whole body) can’t rust, but it’s not the same for the chassis. Watching the photos it’s very difficult to spot any imperfection. We would really have a driving experience in this little car. For sale at € 35,000 (today $ 46,000) here in Codroipo, Italy.


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