The last song: 1965 Sunbeam Venezia by Touring

This car was the swan song of Carrozzeria Touring, indeed, perhaps it was the cause of its financial meltdown.

Let’s start from the beginning: The car was the result of the collaboration between the Rootes group and the Touring body shop, which already assembled the Sunbeam Alpine and the Hillman Super Minx in its Milan plants. The British industrial group planned to enter the Italian market through this car. The bodywork was built according to the famous Superleggera Touring system: a frame in thin steel tubes that supports the body panels, made of aluminium. The mechanics were quite traditional and came from the Humber Scepter: a 1592 cm³ 4-cylinder 88 HP (boosted compared to the Scepter, where it delivered 78.5 HP) combined with a four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive.

However, the high cost and not very brilliant mechanics meant that only 145 cars were sold, after which production ceased: too few cars to reach the break-even point of the Carrozzeria for the purchase of a plant dedicated to the production of this car. This car in particular appears to be in very good condition, has a nice red/black color combo and, what’s more, it seems to us that it also has its original black number plate and, last but not least, a very attractive price. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $30,500) here in Ragusa, Italy.


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