One owner special: 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 LE Can Am

It is rare to find a car owned by the same person for 50 years, and even rarer to find it in this condition, especially as we are talking about a special model.

It is in fact a limited edition, called Can Am, imported into the United States in 1000 units built to celebrate the many Porsche victories in the category from which this model takes its name. The original cost in 1974 was just over $6,000, a remarkable figure considering that the same amount could have bought a new Cadillac in the same year. The colors of this are flashy but original, after all Porsche has never had any qualms about being daring with colours.

The car has always been pampered throughout its life by its one owner, and comes with a large amount of provenance which relates to the vehicle such as a copy of the bill of sale, window sticker, copy of the Certificate of Authenticity, owner’s manual ,booklet, manufacture’s literature, and a binder of service records dating from 1977 through March 2009. Find it for sale at $57,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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