Oddball sedan: 1974 Alfa Romeo 2300

We are a little ashamed of it. Not of the car covered by this post, but of the fact that, although we consider ourselves connoisseurs (but not experts) of the brand, we have never seen or heard of this Alfa before. Oh well, you never stop learning.

When we read “2300” in the title of the ad, our thoughts flew directly to the Alfas produced in the 1930s, but then we found ourselves in front of this car with a clear relationship with the Alfetta, but not produced by Alfa Romeo but by the Brazilian FNM (Fábrica Nacional de Motores was a manufacturer of engines and motor vehicles based in the Xerém district of Duque de Caxias near Rio de Janeiro that operated between 1942 and 1988) under their license.

This model, equipped with a 2300 c.c. of the same four-cylinder used for the first time 24 years earlier on the Alfa 1900, it seems a cross between an alfetta and an Alfa 6: the beauty is that in 1974 the Alfa 6 had not yet been presented on the market, although it was already in planning. The conditions appear to be very good: it does not dismember a restored car but is well preserved and nothing seems to be missing, even if we have doubts about the correctness of the rims; Not a beautiful car but certainly a great talking point for fans of the marque. Find it for sale at $9,934 here in Brasil, South America.


2 thoughts on “Oddball sedan: 1974 Alfa Romeo 2300

  1. FNM was for a long time a subsidiary of Alfa Romeo when the truck business side was sent to Brazil. The FNM trucks today are very rare and have all kinds of Alfa Romeo parts on them. The 2300 was a marriage between the FNM car and the Alfetta if I am not mistaken. I would be concerned about the rust worm if I was a buyer. To have this in your garage would be definitely unique. I need a bigger garage and a bigger wallet.


  2. I’m beginning to suspect there are more European “oddballs” in South America than Europe. [Oddball cars, not people . . . well, perhaps people too!]

    So many variants down there, made locally by VW, DKW, Borgward, and probably others that I’ve forgotten about! And don’t get me started about American car variations by Kaiser, Willys, Chrysler and Ford.


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