Swiss blue: 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 SS by Ghia Aigle

This stunning coupé built on the chassis of a 1900 SS is said to be the car presented at the 1956 Geneva Motor Show, and is one of two examples built.

We have probably also seen the second specimen which, from what we remember, should be painted in a light gold colour, but we couldn’t swear to it, as we know, memory often plays tricks. The fact remains that the pale blue color of this specimen is very elegant, especially in combination with the white roof: a classic two-tone scheme typical of the 1950s.

The car appears to be in very good condition, perhaps to bring it to an international competition level it is necessary to refine some details but certainly, its rarity is sufficient to open the doors to many concours d’elegance. Indeed, it looks like a car that, regardless of adjustments over the years, has never been neglected over the years. Obviously the price reflects the rarity and beauty of the car: thanks to our reader Fluc for this tip. Find it for sale at €275,000 (today $299,000) here in Roma, Italy.


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