Oddball: 1935 Lancia Augusta

Everyone stop: we know very well that there is no chance that this bodywork was built in 1935, and in fact the seller explains it in great detail.

This example was first registered in Como, Italy on 5 January 1935. Subsequently sold to Imperia, Italy, in 1937 it was owned by Count Carlo Bruzzo, a Genoese industrialist and political leader. During the war Genoa was repeatedly bombed and the palace of Count Bruzzo was damaged by these attacks, with consequent damage also to Augusta chassis 34-2032. Bruzzo therefore decided to give it a new bodywork.

It is not known who modeled this body: the design is typically Italian between the immediate post-war period and the early 1950s, the nose seems typical of Vignale but we note that this car has elements taken here and there from the major Italian coachbuilders of the time. it was probably created by some good craftsman who was inspired by them. In any case, this remains a splendid and unique specimen, worthy of an important collection. Find it for sale at €155,000 (today $167,000) here in Reggio Emlia, Italy.


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