Farm worker: 1978 Alfa Romeo F12 Diesel

This specimen belongs to the latest generation of the F12 series, whose production would end in 1983.

That it is a late model can be seen from the greater presence of plastic compared to the previous series, especially in the passenger compartment whose design begins to “smell” of the 80s. In addition to this, it has different bumpers and a different front grille, also It was made of plastic: however, this was the fate of all cars of the time, starting with its main competitor, the VW Type 2.

This vehicle is clearly all to be restored but, in its favor, we can say that the beauty is that there isn’t much to restore: everything is simplified compared to a car of the same period and the materials are not very expensive, the biggest difficulty can be related to some cosmetic plastic part to replace (and therefore not restoreable), while we don’t see many problems with rebuilding the diesel engine and fuel injection pump. Last but not least, the writing on the panel “breeders’ cooperative” should be restored, certainly not eliminated. Find it for sale at €4,500 (today $4,800) here in Padova, Italy.


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