Mini Bugatti: 1935 Fiat 508S Balilla Aerodinamica Mille Miglia

There are classic cars that are not practical, fast, safe, and among other things are also very expensive, but that have an irresistible charm, just like this Balilla Aerodinamica.

Very few units built by Fiat’s Special Bodywork department, this small car summarizes the vision of the racing cars of the 1930s: a flowing line that ideally should have been “friend” of the air. Unfortunately, however, it happens that sensations often conflict with physics. The fact remains that this gem can be admired from any angle.

This car has a black plate but it is not the original one, and yet it fits well on the car which was restored a few years ago and participated in three historical reenactments of the most beautiful race in the world. We have no doubts about the quality of the restoration carried out and, on the other hand, even the asking price bears witness to this. Find it for sale at €295,000 (today $308,000) here near Milano, Italy.


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