Blue on blue / 3: 1950 Fiat 1400 St. Leger Cabriolet by Bertone

In our opinion, there should be a specific branch of classic car collecting dedicated to custom-built cars built on a Fiat basis. But we are biased.

This is a very rare – and we do not exaggerate much stating that it could be the only one in existence – “St. Leger” built by Bertone in 1950: try to take a car at random released in that year and you will realize how “modern” the design of this car was.

This car still has the original black “RC” plates, or “Reggio Calabria”, the capital of Calabria, a region of southern Italy. And perhaps this car’s southern location helped it survive so many decades in relatively good condition. All the most important parts are there with the exception of the rear bumper, the rear lights are missing but they are readily available on the market (not cheap, though). The only real unknown here is the price that hasn’t been disclosed. Find it for sale here in Féchy, Switzerland.


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