Green orchid: 1950 Fiat 1400 Orchidea by Vignale

Here we are in the presence of a very rare – probably unique – coachbuilt Fiat built by Vignale at the beginning of the famous body shop: even if Vignale seems to have always built cars, it actually lasted (under the guidance of Alfredo) only twenty years.

Twenty years only but very intense, which have consigned it to the history of motoring thanks also to the close and continuous collaboration with Michelotti who, most likely, also signed the lines of this Fiat: unmistakable in particular the front grille very similar to the present one. on the Abarth 205 A built by Vignale in the same year.

The seller says this car was presented by Vignale in the 1950 Venice Concours d’Elegance – winning it – and that basically this car, with the exception of a respray given 20 years ago, is a true time capsule. We like it very much above all because we consider it a miracle that this car has reached the present day in such beautiful condition. Find it for sale at $170,000 here in Firenze, Italy.

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