Patina monster/7: 1960 Alfa Romeo “Romeo 2°” Cassonato

We could not fail to publish this wonderful Alfa Romeo pickup truck based on the “Romeo 2 °” model as it is the first time we see one.

In fact, we thought that these pickups were only a prerogative of the A12 model while the Romeo 2 ° was built only in the “closed” version: it is evident that we have some gaps on the subject that need to be filled. Furthermore, the remarkable aspect of this truck is that it is a real time capsule: considering the use for which it was intended, it is a miracle that it has reached the present day in these conditions.

In fact, it is not surprising that this esepmplare comes from Italy where, in the last ten years, the best surviving specimens (not only of Alfa Romeo, but also Porsche and BMW) have ended up all over Europe. It is not equipped with the “Bialbero” but with the highly reliable Perkins diesel engine which, among other things, is powered by the SPICA MFI. There is also the tool kit and all the documentation of the time: it is a real museum piece. Find it for sale at €69,000 (today $78,000) here in Paris, France.


One thought on “Patina monster/7: 1960 Alfa Romeo “Romeo 2°” Cassonato

  1. There are very few surviving Romeo vans. This one is very unique in that it has the Perkins diesel. Just don’t plan on being anywhere in a hurry. The body looks like it has had good storage. I would love to park this in my garage if I had the funds to do so.


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