Vegas green: 1969 Ford Mustang GT 390 Sportsroof

The originality of this specimen is not in question, but the state of its body is.

In fact, this car still seems to have all the specifications and details of when it left the assembly line: in a photo published in the announcement there is also the detail of the towbar supplied by the factory. Even the interior, although simple, does not seem to have undergone changes over time: the steering wheel, for example, is the original – albeit ugly – one.

The real problem in the case of this car is rust: it is certainly not a car that has lived most of its life in a dry climate, it looks like the typical car from the Rust Belt. The positives however are the completeness of the car and the fact that it has a four-speed transmission, as well as having the desirable 390 c.i. engine, a milestone in Ford history. Fnd it for sale at $29,800 here in Las Vegas, NV.


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