The italian bunch: Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint, Fiat 850 Spider, ACMA Vespa 400

Ok, Ok, before anyone corrects us, we know very well that the Vespa 400 is only half Italian, however even the title of an article has its importance so for this time we’ll turn a blind eye.

What we have here is a batch of three cars, two apparently in good condition and one (the Vespa 400) which the seller even says came second in a concourse dedicated to this microcar, held in France where these cars currently reside. The Alfa is said to be in good condition but the engine probably needs to be rebuilt.

The cost for this reconstruction is estimated by the seller at € 4,300, perhaps a bit low but it depends on the extent of the repairs needed. The Fiat 850 Spider is interesting as it is a specimen belonging to the first series (the most beautiful) with the headlights covered, however also in this case there is only one photo and from this one does not understand much about the condition of the car. Find them for sale at €52,500 (today $59,800) here in Châteauroux, France.


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