Big wing: 1975 VW-Porsche 914

The fabulous (and terrible at the same time) 70s were full of many automotive design ideas, and many of these ideas also came from small car manufacturers who produced aesthetic kits for different car models.

This 914 is equipped with one of these kits which, we must say, apart from the huge rear wing, is not bad: it vaguely reminds us of the appearance of the Touring cars of the time in which they warranted extreme cars like the Porsche 935 or the BMW E9 CSL “Art cars”.

The seller is keen (appropriately) to specify that this kit is not made of plastic but of fiberglass, we do not know the manufacturer of the wheels but they are well matched with the look of the car even if they seem oversized compared to the power of the engine; about the latter the seller says that it is equipped with an oversized radiator and oil pan although it does not start. Findit for sale at $7,500 here in Charlotte, NC.

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