Red find: 1965 Volkswagen Typ 1 Convertible

There is little doubt: German cars fared strong in the USA in the 1960s while being far less powerful than an American car sold for the same price.

Perhaps due to the exotic charm, perhaps due to the period counterculture that elected Volkswagen (literally “people’s car”) as its representative on four wheels, the fact is that there are many more Typ 1 Cabriolets in the United States than in Europe, where it is not easy to find specimens prior to the 70s, and certainly not in barn find condition.

The seller says the car has been standing still for about 20 years and comes from California: it’s no surprise because the body seems very dry and the car doesn’t seem to have the extra heater typical of those who lived in harsh winter areas. We do not know if the engine is matching numbers or if the color is the original one, but even if these two conditions were not satisfied this still remains an interesting project. Find it for sale at $11,500 here in Huntington, NY.

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