Italian streamliner: 1937 Fiat 1500 By Touring

If someone told you that he spent six figures on a car that only has 44 hp, you would probably think that at the very least he is crazy.

However, engine power is often a secondary parameter compared to the rarity and beauty of a car, especially when it comes to cars built between the first and second world wars: this was a formidable period for the automobile during which the of the car has gone from being a horse-less carriage to an idea that becomes shape shaped by the wind: it is no coincidence that, with few exceptions, the most expensive cars in the world today were built in the decade from 1930 to 1940.

This six-cylinder in-line Fiat 1500 is one of the very few built (and even fewer surviving) by the Touring bodywork at its peak. In fact, we are aware of the existence of at least one other blue specimen: there will probably be others but we doubt that there are still more than ten (or five). It clearly benefited from a restoration, probably twenty or thirty years ago, and should probably be “refreshed”. It looks in excellent condition although two exceptions come to mind: the interior was probably originally cloth and we would have expected a single rear light on the license plate holder, however these are just details. Find it for sale at €175,000 (today $212,500) here in Naarden, Netherlands.


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