Labor of love: 1970 Fiat 130

It is probably the first time that we have published a Fiat 130 for sale, mainly for two reasons: it is not the classic car that everyone dreams of and there are very few around.

Let’s start saying that this was perhaps the last “big” Fiat, produced at a time when the Turin factory was able to produce luxury cars like this one and fantastic sports cars like the Fiat Dino Spider. Unfortunately, this family of large Fiats have been severely impacted by the oil crisis. Having said that, we could not overlook this specimen which is in nothing short of amazing conditions.

The seller says in fact that it is a restored car: if it had been preserved it would have seemed a more “normal” thing, instead someone (who obviously loved this particular car very much) spent a lot of money to restore it knowing full well – we are sure – that he would never recover the expense he had made. Externally, internally, in the engine compartment, everything seems perfect: you may not love this model but you cannot remain indifferent to this car. Find it for sale at €11,900 (today $14,500) here in Ossona, Italy.


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