Italian minivan: 1959 Fiat 600 Multipla by OM

The Fiat 600 served as the basis for many variations: most were custom-built by the major Italian coachbuilders, while others were built with the aim of supporting companies.

This specimen is part of the last category: the chassis, with appropriate modifications, is precisely that of the small Italian utilitarian car but the body was set up by OM, an Italian company founded in Milan at the end of the 19th century and afterwards moved to Suzzara, a few tens of kilometers from Milan. At that time the company was producing industrial vehicles as well as setting up small vans like this one.

Like all utility vans, there are very few examples like this around, both in the “closed” version and in the version for passenger transport (therefore with windows all around). Over the years they have been damaged, exploited to the bone or scrapped: this specimen has been saved and has also been entirely restored, probably even at a high level: It may not be the most powerful car you have ever driven, but we are sure it would turn heads on the road. Find it for sale at €55,900 (today $67,600) here in Hoevelaken, Netherlands.


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