Green draggin’ wagon: 1964 Ford Econoline


Whoever conceived this van was clearly inspired (and driven) by the great success of its most famous rival, the Volkswagen T2.


This van was in fact designed starting from the platform of the Ford Falcon, Ford’s “small” one: obviously the dimensions of the Falcon were equivalent, at the time, to the largest sedan produced on the European market. The Econoline was also designed to take on different configurations: minibus, work van, camper. Lately, this model has become a cult for many.


This particular van still appears to be in very good condition: it seems to have always lived in California (sold new in Huntington each) and therefore has zero or very little corrosion, probably the seats have been redone but, basically, everything looks original. The seller also says that it doesn’t leak. Sure, it’s not a T2, but it still has character at a quarter of the price. Find it for sale at $10,000 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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