Mixed feelings: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale


We could say that this is a small Alfa with a big heart, and the reason is easily understood.


This car is in fact a Giulietta, and for connoisseurs of the brand this means only one thing: the engine has a displacement of 1290 cc; in fact, the version with the 1570 cc engine called Giulia, and there have never been exceptions to this rule except for the Sedan born since 1962.


This car seems to be in splendid condition: it comes from Italy (probably imported a few years ago), changed hands for a well-known dealer and finally to the current owner who during his possession also won a couple of local competitions in the area of New York: the point is that this car no longer has the original engine but a 1600 cc (although we don’t know what type). So the originality is a little less but probably this is a car that can allow some enthusiasts to approach the world of SS without spending dizzying figures. Find it for sale here in Hicksville, NY, with bidding at $75,000 and reserve not met.


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