Blue chip: 1969 Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce


In the past we have published several 1750 GT Veloce – rigorously first series – but it has been a while since we published one.


It is no coincidence: it is a very nice car (I owned one ten years ago), it drives very well but in the last five years its price has skyrocketed: from being a car for Alfa Romeo enthusiasts it has become a blue chip and consequently we publish one only if it has something particular.


In this case, the particular thing is the color: it is the first time ever that we see one in Blu Francia (France Blue) color that together with the “Cinghiale” color interior makes this car visible for miles. It is a very beautiful and very rare pairing; the car seems correct from every point of view (if we exclude the spark plug cables which should be green) and, if you want a particular one, take a seat.


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