Magic color: 1962 Maserati 3500 GT by Touring


Mr. Ermanno Cozza, the Maserati guru, defined the color “Celeste Chiaro” (light blue) as the “Magic Color”: a Maserati painted in that color acquired a very special charm.


This 3500 GT would seem originally painted in the same color which, combined with the red interior, would be an extraordinary match, however we do not understand if the traces of white on the bodywork represent a layer of original color, and above all we do not understand the red color of the dashboard: generally the latter was painted the same color as the exterior.


Moving on to the rest of the car, regardless of the fact that it needs a total restoration (of which you will obviously have noticed), it lacks several parts: the first is the transmission and then the entire feeding group is missing: carburetors, filters, ancillaries and so on. It is not an indifferent expense for which, although it is worth restoring a car like this, the costs must be carefully evaluated before taking the big step. Find it for sale at $ 98,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.



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