Japanese heart: 1958 Fiat 1200 TV Spider


There is rarely a car in these conditions, for a very specific reason.


The reason is the originality of the car: this Fiat 1200 Spider, one of the best designed spiders and a Fiat icon from the 50s, second only to the 500, has a very correct external appearance, including the black Roma plate (which, however, is not its first license plate), with all the details in place.


Analyzing it better, however, here is the lever of an automatic gearbox while inside the engine compartment there is an engine that, although it looks similar to the original one, comes from a Datsun: it seems clear to us that these modifications have been intentionally made (therefore not following an approximate restoration) perhaps to make the driving more fluid. Obviously, these are modifications that we absolutely do not approve of, however, obtaining an engine and a gearbox for this car is not an impossible task especially if the purchase price is low and the car is dry as claimed by the seller. Find it for sale at $22,000 o.b.o. here in Bridgeport, CT.


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