On demand: 1965 Fiat 600D by Zagato


Although in general it is believed that Zagato worked only on the bodies they built, in some cases he limited their job to improve the details of the existing cars.


Obviously, the first candidates were the Fiat which, at the time, alone made up almost half of the Italian car market: 80% of the Fiat was divided between 500 and 600 for which the potential clientele was very large, and who he wanted to stand out, he turned to Zagato or other coachbuilders to customize his car.


Zagato had two trim levels for the fiat 600 on the price list: the “L”, or their basic model, and the “E”, the most refined layout. We have not understood which equipment this car belongs to but it certainly seems extremely accurate: in addition to the aesthetics, the engine also seems to be improved as evidenced by the increased oil sump made by Stanguellini. The seller has not made the requested price, so if you are interested, asking it’s up to you. Find it for sale here in Florence, Italy.


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