Once was Carrera: 1953 Porsche-Abarth 356 by Borghi


It is clear that this car is derived from a Porsche 356, what is not clear however concerns the rest of the car.


Obviously it is not clear to us for various reasons: the first is certainly our ignorance on the matter; it is impossible for a human being, although enthusiast, to know the history of every classic car ever produced (actually it is nearly impossible to find someone who knows everything about a single brand). The second main reason is that the description does not enter much into the history of this car which is said to be (once) equipped with a Fuhrmann four-cam engine.


Actually there are some photos that take up articles written on this car, whose body was built by the Borghi workshop in Argentina, certainly on the chassis of a Porsche 356, but we have not understood how Abarth is involved, unless speak only of the similarity between this car and the Abarth-Porsche 356 Carrera GTL built in 1960 and 1961. If anyone has any more information, go ahead. Find it for sale at €375,000 (today $405,000) here in Saint-Truden, Belgium.


2 thoughts on “Once was Carrera: 1953 Porsche-Abarth 356 by Borghi

  1. Well, it started its life as an azure blue pre-A Coupé (Reutter), delivered in Dec 1953 to a German customer. Originally it has been equipped with a 356/1300 (code 506) engine w/ 44hp and ran in Germany at least until 1958. Would be interesting to know how it ended up in Buenos Aires to be converted.

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