Open orange: 1957 LaDawri Sebring


Sun and warm air in your hair: this is the first feeling that comes in mind when looking at this car, especially in quarantine times like these.


The car is a LaDawri, Sebring model, a fiberglass creation from the 50s, made by LaDawri Coachcraft, founded by Leslie Albert Dawes in British Columbia, Canada in 1956, then moved to the United States because there was the real market for this type of car, based on the eternal Volkswagen chassis and engine. Today, the problem of finding one is not so much the rarity (which is also real), but the fact that almost all those that are on sale are either incomplete or to be restored, or both.


This car, on the other hand, does not seem to need anything: not only is it complete but it is also in excellent condition and finished very well, in addition to having a beautiful color. Furthermore, what is no less important, instead of the classic VW four-cylinder it is equipped with an air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine taken from a Chevrolet Corvair: this probably means 140 hp and a sound similar to that of a classic Porsche 911. At this price, it is almost impossible to ask for more. Find it for sale at $19,000 here in Little Rock, AS.


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