Türk Rot: 1954 Porsche 356 Coupé


If it is Porsche, if it was made before 1956 and is in a condition to be restored, it is almost an obligation not to publish it, we are sorry for those who do not like this model.


This car in particular appears gray but it seems inceve that the original color was 5402 Türk Rot A, a nice red tone although, personally, on the 356 I like cold colors more. However, being a rather rare model, it is not appropriate to be picky.


The vendore says that this car has never made an accident and that it is a very solid car with very little rust and, finally, it is very complete: these are the positive sides which, we must admit, are not few. The downside is that the engine is not matching numbers with the car, however it seems that the car is equipped with a type 546 engine block that is correct in both type and year: it is not much but it is definitely something. Find it for sale at €115,000 (today $125,500) here in Crest, France.


One thought on “Türk Rot: 1954 Porsche 356 Coupé

  1. Yes the car is not matching but the two parts engine is so much rare to find it deserve to take a glance. All the more so the seller is definitely a sort of “Porsche bible“ and able to provide clear and trustworthy informations.


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