Red 101: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


The Cinderella of the Giulietta Spider family, that is the normal 101, is on this occasion even more humble and needs help.


It is in fact a covered car to be probably restored but, as we are often used to seeing, the restoration has never started and the car has lain for several years in these conditions: in these cases the problem is not so much the condition of the car itself but the possibility of recovering all the disassembled parts.


In the car, in fact, there is very little left of original equipment, starting from the seats that seem to come from a Mercedes-Benz of the 80s, the steering wheel is not the correct one and the door panels seem to be missing together with the opening and window-opening handles , but the seller says that the top frame is present. It may seem like details but be careful because in recent years the value of almost all spare parts for these cars has basically doubled. All in all, however, the price asked for this car is far from exorbitant. Find it for sale at $13,750 here in El Cajon, CA.


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