Racing pedigree: 1959 Abarth 750 Record Monza by Zagato


As we have already pointed out more than once, there are many Abarths dressed by Zagato around, but few have what really matters.


What really matters is the “jewel” branded Abarth: an angry double overhead camshaft engine that, in the competition version, could reach 75-80 hp, an impressive figure considering we are talking about a 750 cc engine designed 60 years ago.


This car (photographed very badly) is equipped with this jewel (with the maximum power level of the “race” version) powered by two downdraft carburetors; the owner says that it was restored in 2000 and that similar cars – racing version, in fact – in the world there are six, and few have racing pedigrees better than this one. Find it for sale at €210,000 (today $231,500) here in Napoli, Italy.


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