Aluminium sand: 1972 ATL Explorer II


Other times we happened to find interesting buggies for sale and, wrongly, we didn’t publish them.


It is in fact the “funny car” by definition: it is uncomfortable, it does not protect against the elements, it has the same equipment as a motorcycle: however, it has fascinated generations of children, including myself, who as a child saw them driving on the street and dreamed of driving one . In fact, the man who shaped his childhood dream was Bruce Meyers who produced the first car we know as “Buggy” in October 1964.


After him, many factories in the world were born imitating his creation: one of these was, in Italy, A.T.L. of Mandello Del Lario (the same city where the Moto Guzzi factory is located), who built more than one model with this philosophy. What we didn’t know is that the first model built, like the one published here, has an aluminum body (so not in the “humble” glass fiber). The other curious thing about this machine is the color: opaque pink and black. It’s a combination of unusual colors (it’s a classic combination used by Coco Chanel) on a car, yet it’s not bad; at the bottom of a car like this you can “dare”. The installed seats look like the same Recaro used on the Porsche 986/996, while the steering wheel is Momo: too bad there are no more detailed photos. Find it for sale at €12,000 (today $13,500) here in Monza, Italy.


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