Unpainted: 1963 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint Convertible


A very long name for a car that, in spite of what one might imagine, is quite rare.


In fact this medium-sized car (for the American market of the time, of course, since it is only “4.6” / 181 in. Long) was the “small” of the Ford and generally equipped with a six-cylinder in-line engine, while the “Sprint” version like this was equipped with the “small” V8 with the capacity of 260 cubic inches (4,200 cc) and 164 hp.


This car in particular is said to have been repainted only once many years ago, the current owner was therefore going to repaint it when it was advised not to do so as the car is much cooler as it is. The interior looks original and healthy, as far as the bodywork is concerned the seller claims that it is absolutely free of rust and bondo in any area. The automatic transmission has been overhauled, the brake circuit has been repaired and it also comes with the original manual and service book. Find it for sale at $17,500 here in East Providence, RI.


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