Mystery car: 1952 Patriarca 750 Sport?


Today there is a task to be carried out: to understand which car it is, and who made it.


It seems that this barchetta, which at first sight appears to be a Giaur 750, has nothing in common with the other Giaur except for the aluminum bodywork. In particular, what perplexes the seller is the chassis, which seems to belong to a Patriarca, a shop founded by a well-known tuner from Rome (and manufacturer of special cars) that was in the business in the 40s and 50s.


The seller has also published a photo showing the features in common between the chassis of this car, which arrived in the United States 65 years ago with the “Giaur” badge. The point is that only a true expert of Patriarca’s cars would have something to say about it: perhaps the most expert is the italian Franco Carmignani, who recently wrote a book on Rodolfo Patriarca and his cars. If you know it, make sure that this mystery is solved, perhaps by contacting the seller.


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