Italian style: 1964 Falcon Caribbean Coupé


This car could also be called Ford Falcon, but not because it was produced by the British branch of the Detroit factory.


It was in fact produced by Falcon Cars, a small English company that produced fiberglass bodies to be installed on a Ford (British) four-cylinder chassis and engine: the goal, like many of its competitors, was to produce an aesthetically appealing car, snappy (due to the low weight) but with a reasonable price.


It seems that around 2,000 of these bodies have been sold at that time, and this particular car is a rare LHD version. It also seems to be in good condition, at least it seems that everything necessary is there, including the clocks taken from a Ford Cortina. The seats are there and the engine is even powered by a couple of two-throat carburettors. Find it for sale at €24,750 (today $26,750) here in Brummen, Netherlands.


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