Green again: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT


A real “green start” this week, yesterday with a perfectly restored car, today with one to be restored completely (and even incomplete).


Ladies and gentlemen here is a true classic Alfa Romeo, probably the “classic” Alfa after the Giulietta Spider, both of these two cars are in fact true classic motoring icons. As we said, this car (chassis # AR615329) needs a complete restoration starting with the bodywork: the seller says that the rockers are rotten but the funds are not bad after all.


The engine is of the correct type (and very probably original), the interiors are original as mom ALfa made them and the appearance in general is very correct, apart from the front grille that belongs to a Veloce GT, but it’s the only discordant note that we see in this car that lacks the rear bumper. Find it for sale here in Cleveland, OH, with current bid at $6,100 and a very active bidding.

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