Flatside: 1968 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix

f1 - Copy

This is not the first Grand Prix we have published; In the past, others have been published because (if it is not clear) we like small Italian sports cars built in the 50s and 60s.


Apparently, however, this Grand Prix is ​​different. The seller claims that this is very rare as it belongs to a first batch of five pre-series cars which, unlike later cars, has “narrow fenders”. Now, we did not know this detail and we believe that few, very few know it, therefore we cannot say if what was said is correct and less, but we trust the seller.


As it is obvious then, the car was completely restored in its original green color, according to us the most beautiful color of the Grand Prix / Scorpione series, similar to the “Conda Green” used by Porsche in those years. Alloy wheels and original plates complete this small, nice and expensive car. Find it for sale at €45.000 (today $50,500) here in Badia Polesine, Italy.


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