Big six: 1964 Lancia Flaminia 2.8 Convertibile by Touring


This Flaminia Convertibile (chassis # 826.134.1098) has a 2.8 liter matching numbers engine with three carburetors: this means that it is one of the 180 built with this configuration and, consequently, the most sought after Lancia Cabriolet after the Aurelia.


In addition to being a rare piece, the car is also in good condition: it is evidently a car always treated well in the course of its life, and regularly driven. The seller says that little is known about the early years of this car’s life, but being lhd and having the instruments scaled in imperial units this means that this car was probably produced for the American market.


For the rest, this is definitely a car to drive as it is: the seller himself claims that it would need a refresh (probably for what concerns engine, transmission and brakes) but, apart from that, there is already all the necessary to enjoy it without demanding too much. Find it for sale at $118,500 here in Bethel, CT.


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