Death Valley cat: 1954 Jaguar D-Type replica


In the middle of Death Valley we would have expected everything but certainly not a Jaguar D-Type, even if it is a replica.


A beautiful replica we must add, in the sense that even though it does not seem reproduced with much fidelity to the original, it seems a replica made very well: the painting seems nice and the body has beautiful proportions: in short it does not look like a copy made in a basement and assembled in a superficial way. We would have liked to see many more photos to see if the body was made of aluminum, how the interiors were made and above all that engine is installed:


Update: the seller has posted a new photo of the engine which actually is a Jaguar unit fed by Three Weber carburetors. (continue from the paragraph above) …unfortunately the seller did not explain anything of all this; so you just have to go and see for yourself or call the seller. Find it for sale at $45,000 here in Ridgecrest, CA.


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