Balls and squirrels: 1964 Porsche 356 C Coupé


This Porsche 356 C wreck was a car that ran regularly on the streets of California, then, for some years, it has become the home of a squirrel.


The seller says that this squirrel is willing to leave his home but will leave the new owner of the walnuts car as a compliments. Seriously speaking, this car has suffered a serious crash and is rather bad, but it is nothing that can not be repaired also because it is sold together with the body of another 356 C that should make the job easier.


Of course the seller too says that this is a project for who has balls and the bravery to face it and we perfectly agree with him, anyway the car is complete (the seller says that also the gauges are there but were removed for security). What we actually would understand f this is a matching numers car or not: it makes a big difference. Find it for sale at $28,000 here in Napa Valley, CA.


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