B.Y.O.E: 1963 Porsche 356 T6 Coupé


Bring your own engine if you are interested in buying this Porsche 356 as it does not have it. Just like it has happened for many 356 in the past the engine has been removed, probably to be fixed, and then lost at some workshops.


The car is clearly a 356 Coupè, T6 series but at the moment, and certainly without knowing the chassis number, it is impossible to know what kind of engine it had as original equipment, so here we can only discuss what we see in the picture (little stuff).


Indeed, we see a car painted in metallic blue with white “Porsche” stripes on the sides but looking at the dashboard it is clear that the car was supposedly born painted in white and equipped with a rear window that is no longer in place. However, even though – as the seller says – the floors need to be fixed and the car needs an engine, this 356 is certainly not a wreck and can be a good starting point for a family project, given the price is not excessive. Find it for sale at $26,500 here in Los Angeles, CA.


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