Italian oddball: 1972 Frua Monte Carlo 1300 GT


This too, like the car published yesterday, is a very rare car. Indeed, it is probably a unique example even if we do not have the certainty as these particular cars were produced on commission and highly customized.


It’s a coupe built on the basis of the Ford Escort and equipped with a 1300 cc in-line four-cylinder engine that produces about 70 hp, so it’s not a very fast car but it’s a very special car that, at best, you can only see in photography. It is not extremely beautiful (it actually resembles a smaller version of the Ferrari 330 GTC) but for many this is a detail.


The seller says that the car was presented on the Frua stand from 07-17.10.1971 during the 58th Salon de l’Automobile in Paris together with the Maserati Quattroporte “Aga Khan”, but we didn’t understand if he’s talking about this very car or about a sister. Find it for sale at €59,999 (today $69,500) here in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


2 thoughts on “Italian oddball: 1972 Frua Monte Carlo 1300 GT

  1. I don’t mind driving this car slow. At 70 horsepower it will give everyone plenty of time too see it as they pass me. I think this is a beautiful car.


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