One of one: 1951 Gilco 205 MM by Zagato



This very rare (unique, actually) small spider was built using a Gilco tubular frame and dressed by Zagato. You will not see many others like this around, that’s for sure.


Indeed, this car belongs to the large family of special cars that were built to order by wealthy drivers who were planning to participate in road races like the Mille Miglia. In fact, aside from the Mille Miglia, in the Italy of the 50s the races organized on roads were everywhere throughout the nation.


The seller says that the history of this car is fully documented (he also published photos that date back to the time of construction) and also present in various publications; the engine belongs to a Fiat 1100S and, as already mentioned, the frame is Gilco. Looking at the old photos of the car on thing jumps to the eye: the front grille had more bars than now but, apart from that, the car does not seem changed since then. The price? Unfortunately the seller does not disclose it, however a car so rare and particular deserved to be published. Find it for sale here in Isorella, Italy.


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