Hardtop equipped: 1963 René Bonnét Le Mans Cabriolet


It has happened sometimes to write an article about a René Bonnét Le Mans and, whenever we find one for sale, especially a cabriolet, we will do it again, just because we like this car. Indeed, despite not having the appeal of a special Italian car with aluminum bodywork, it represents very well the French school of the 60s and, in addition, it is a convertible and only for this has a value for any collector or car enthusiast classic. This car in particular seems to have been exploited for competitions in the past and, unlike the others published here, this one has a hardtop.


The current owner has begun the restoration work that has evidently stranded at the time of reassembling the car, he says that the floors have been redone as well as the body, the rear and the wheels (?), the engine instead must be reassembled: substantially the new owner will have the funniest part of the job. One thing we do not know about is the year the car was made because the seller did not mention it. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $25,500) here in Selles-sur-Cher, France.

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