Garage aged: 1957 Porsche 356A T2 Coupé


This 356A (chassis #101663) has been abundantly aged for thirty years in a dry garage that has retained all the main characteristics of this car, starting with a beautiful patina on the paint.


However, the actual paint is not original: the first paint was red (at least so it looks like the inside of the doors), the current engine is not original (it dates back to 1956) while the interiors are “too” original: the driver’s seat in particular is held together by the adhesive tape.


The seller says that the engine runs correctly but other mechanical parts must be overhauled: actually this car needs a general overhaul that does not leave anything out, even the floors are not perfect but, probably, after a serious revision, this T2 can be driven for years, before the new owner decides to restore it completely. Find it for sale here in Pleasanton, CA, with bidding at $35,600 and reserve not met.


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