Bricked up: 1954 Moretti 750 Alger-Le Cap


This Moretti 750 is a rare car in itself, but it is even more so if you know its history, rather out of the ordinary. For a start, this car was the protagonist of the 1954 Turin Car Show, where it was displayed at the Moretti stand.


Purchased by the first owner, it was driven for only four years because the owner passed away, the car has therefore remained unused under a canopy of a villa in Como, Italy; it is said that the heirs at the time planned of making extensions to the house and it is said that our protagonist, hidden under a cloth, was unintentionally bricked up and never used for 50 years.


This is said to be 1 of 5 pre-series cars: compared to the later cars, which were produced in a batch of just 200 units, this version is different because of some details that only the experts of this model can notice, including a wider front grill with a different frieze, aluminum steering box, flat taillights, 4 holes rims instead of 5 and an engine producing 30 hp compared to 27 hp of later cars. The new owner will have a lot to chat about this car with his golf club friends.


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