Autumn stash: Two 1964 Sabra GT Coupé


In the past we have published articles on the Sabra Roadster because they were the only ones we found on sale: this time it is a coupe, or rather, two coupes.


These two Sabra are not only the same model but both are red and both have to be completely restored: actually that’s not a huge job as long as all the parts, especially those relating to the passenger compartment, are included in the sale. And here problems arise.


Indeed, although we can not have the perception of what is missing inside both cars, certainly there is something missing from the outside: one of the two is completely missing the nose; probably in the seller’s head there was the idea of restoring one car and keeping the other as a donor; this, however, is not even a bad idea even for their future owner. Find it for sale at CHF 20,000 (today $ 20,700) here in Biel, Switzerland. Thanks to Robert for this suggestion!


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