Disunited unity: 1952 Simca 8 Sport Cabriolet by Farina


This Simca 8 Cabriolet (chassis  #867363) has its typical aluminium body which can’t rust, of course, but it needs a lot of work ayway, along with other parts which are missing.


The seller says that this car is to restore or it can be used as parts car: maybe ten years ago he would have been right but now we seriously doubt that whoever buys it has the intention of exploiting it as a parts stash. The seller says that most of the rare parts are still with the car, including a spare front end.


The rear end, on the other side, is said not to be Simca: that’s quite a strange thing. The engine in the car is not Simca as well but the car comes with another spare engine and transmission belonging to a Simca 9. A lot of work to do here but definitely worth it. Find it for sale here in Tacoma, WA, with a starting bid at $0.99.

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