Old chap: 1961 Italia 2000 by Vignale


I know this car. I know where it was sold new 56 years ago, how many owners it had up to 2011 and every detail about how, where and when it was restored. Simply because it was restored by me.


So, once in life, I don’t mind what the seller says because I know the truth about this Italia #119 sold new by one of the few official Italia 2000 dealers in Italy: Malloggi (the company is still active now) in Livorno, Tuscany. It is a matching number car with overdrive.


Everything on this car has been fixed or replaced or overhauled: it has been a no-expense-spared restoration up to the last bolt, including the Connolly leather inside which I hope it still smells good as when it was just stistched to the seats. The only thing I can’t understand is where the cold air intake duct go: when I sold it it was there. For any question just ask. Find it for sale at €129,000 (today $151,000) here in Frankfurt, Germany.

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