Dry to the bone: 1958 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider


Watching a Giulietta Spider in these conditions is quite a rare event as these, as most of you already know, had a natural aptitude for rust.


This car (chassis #1495*03563) indeed looks a fantastic survivor which, probably, has seen very few rainy days in its life: of course there is a little rust spot somewhere but the overall look is of a very well preserved specimen, not only speaking about the corrosion but also for the rest of the car.


There are parts like the soft top which of course didn’t age well but in this case it doesn’t matter: this is a car which must not be restored, even partially: the best that the new owner could do is to redo brakes, flush the radiator and the gas tank, change fluids everywhere and maybe replace the shock absorbers. Find it for sale at $69,500 here in Mahattan Beach, CA.


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