Mistery mouse: 1957 Fiat 500C Custom


We actually didn’t know what title we could give to this article as this car is a mistery, with the exception of the chassis which is said to belong to a Fiat 500C a.k.a. “Topolino”.


Indeed the seller has no info about who built it back in the fifties but, who did it, knew how to manage the welder as this car is made of steel differently from many american custom car of that period with a body made of fiberglass.


The modifiations ere have been huge as the Fiat 500C was a front engine car, in this one the engine has been placed in the rear (exactly in the middle, just on the back of the seats). The car is basically a patchwok of items as the seller says that both of the front fenders are from a 1947-1949 Studebaker Champion, the grille center section and the extension bars on both sides of the grille came from a 1948-1949 Packard Eight, Deluxe Eight or Super Eight. If you are interested in making this car live again, find it for sale at $9,995 here in Bozeman, MT.


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